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Battery Tester

Megger Bite 2P
Megger BITE2 and 2P
Battery Impedance Test Equipment
• Determines condition of lead-acid and NiCd cells up to 7000 Ah
• On-board Pass/Warning/Fail indications
• Robust, repeatable instruments
• On-line testing

Megger Bite 3
Megger BITE3
Battery Impedance Test Equipment
• Determines health of lead-acid cells up to 2000 Ah
• On-line testing with Pass/Warning/Fail calculations
• Measures impedance, interconnection resistance and cell voltage
• Windows CE operating system with 32 MB of memory
• Measures float and ripple currents
• Includes ProActiv™ Database Management Software

WENS 900 Series
WENS 900 Series
Battery Quality Analyzer
• The battery quality analyzer is designed for measuring the internal resistance, open circuit voltage, and terminal temperature of secondary batteries, including lead storage cells (lead-acid), nickel-cadmium, lithium-ion, nickel-metal hydride batteries.
• AC four-terminal method to measure the internal resistance by eliminating lead resistance and contact resistance to get accurate results
• Dual Display to show the internal resistance and voltage of the battery simultaneously
• 99 sets of composite comparator function, which can be set at resistance and voltage values to get the reliable detection of battery deterioration


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