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Circuit Breaker Analyser

Zensol CBA-32P

Zensol Micro CBA-32P analyzer
The Micro CBA-32P is a 3 contact circuit breaker analyzer designed to perform timing & motion analysis on all types of circuit breakers typically installed in electrical substations.
The breakers may be at the distribution level or at very high voltage, up to 800 kV. It is a small and light portable circuit breaker analyzer of robust and shielded construction.
It is driven by the proprietary CBA Win© software included with the instrument.

Megger EGIL

Megger EGIL
EGIL™, which incorporates benefits gained from experience with our larger instrument, is intended for circuit breakers with one contact per phase. Smaller and simpler, EGIL is equally versatile ˇV and EGIL's price makes it attractive to small power plants.

Megger TM1800

The TM1800™ is the instrument platform for circuit breaker maintenance, based on more than 20 yearsˇ¦ experience of over 4,000 delivered breaker analyzers. The modular construction makes it possible to configure the TM1800 for measurements on all known types of circuit breakers in operation on the world market.


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