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Agilent 33220A
Agilent 33220A
•Fully compliant to LXI Class C specification
•20 MHz Sine and Square waveforms
•Pulse, Ramp, Triangle, Noise, and DC waveforms
•14-bit, 50 MSa/s, 64 k-point Arbitrary waveforms
•AM, FM, PM, FSK, and PWM modulation types
•Linear & logarithmic sweeps and burst operation
•10 mVpp to 10 Vpp amplitude range
•Graph mode for visual verification of signal settings
•Connect via USB, GPIB and LAN

Kenwood FG275 / FG273A
Kenwood FG-275 / Kenwood FG-273A
function generator which generates sine wave, triangle wave, square wave and pulse wave, etc. It covers a wide ranges of 0.5 Hz to 5 MHz for the FG-275 and 0.2 Hz to 2 MHz for the FG- 273A, while the digital display enables accurate frequency settings. Furthermore, the VCF, DC offset, sweep function and other features enable the FG- 275/FG273A to be used in a wide variety of applications including analogue circuits as well as digital circuits.

Seintek G5100

G5100 15MHz Programmable Function Generator
*15MHz Sine, Square Wave
*100kHz Triangle and Ramp Wave

TTi TG4001
TTi TG4001
40MHz sinewaves from a low cost DDS generator

The TG4001 provides high purity sine waves at up to 40MHz and square waves at up to 50MHz. No other DDS generator offers this performance at this price.
The output amplifier has a bandwidth approaching 100MHz ensuring that waveform quality is excellent right up to the frequency limits.
Amplitude flatness is better than 0.2dB to 1MHz and 0.4db to 40MHz.
Low noise design ensures minimum waveform aberations and provides high waveform quality even at minimum output amplitude.


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