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Castle GA213
Castle GA213 Sound Level Meter
• Sound Pressure (Lp) to 0.1 dB resolution
• 'A' and 'C' frequency weighting (toggle)
• 'Slow' and 'Fast' Time weighting (toggle)
• Simultaneous measurement of Lp, Lmax, and Pmax
• Lmax - maximum Lp hold (rms.)
• Pmax - maximum peak level
• Elapsed time (running time hrs, min, sec)
• Overload and Under-range indication
• Battery condition (Life approx. 12 hours)

Testo 545 Light Meter
Testo 545
In order to have good quality light, luminous intensity in the workplace, hospitals, offices or schools has to fulfill specific minimum guidelines. This can be checked using testo 545.

Testo 535 CO2 Measuring Instrument
Testo 535
testo 535, CO2 measuring instrument with permanently attached probe, batteries and calibration protocol
testo 535, the efficient CO2 measuring instrument for measuring indoor air quality. Bad air quality in rooms can lead to tiredness, lack of concentration and illness (Sick Building Syndrome) due to high CO2 concentration (greater than 1000 ppm)
Long-term monitoring based on maximum and mean calculation
Long-term stable 2 channel infrared sensor
Highly accurate, highly efficient
Repeated calibration is unnecessary

Testo 815 Sound Level Meter
Testo 815
Sound level meter, accuracy class 2, incl. microphone, wind protection cap and battery
The ideal instrument for daily use. Whether it is for air conditioning or heating, disco noise, machine noise or noise in combustion systems, testo 815 is the ideal partner.
¡EAccuracy class 2 to IEC 60651
¡EEasy to adjust (adjustment screwdriver included)
¡EFrequency weighting to Characteristic A and C
¡EMaximum and minimum value memory
¡EBuilt-in tripod knuckle screw (1/4 inch)
¡EHigh accuracy level (Class 2)
¡ESwitchable time weighting Fast / Slow
¡Etesto 815:
¡EFrequency weighting
¡ECurrent value
¡ETime weighting
¡ESection measurement range

Nieaf NI T82 Thermometer
Nieaf NI T82 Thermometer
The thermometer NI T82 is a very practical instrument for measuring one or two temperature levels. As soon as the temperature probes are connected, the measured value will be displayed.
In case of two connected probes, the differential between measured emperatues, T1 and T2 can be indicated. The thermometer is suitable for type K and Type J probes, to be selected on the instrument.
Besides these functions, the meter can hold the minimum or maximum measured value (min-max hold) and the differential temperature can be indicated. This temperature is based on a reference that can be selected manually (REL).
The NI T82 can indicate oC and oF, hold the display values (Data Hold), indicate Low Battery and has Auto Power Off.

Nieaf NI L204 Light Meter
Nieaf NI L204 Thermometer
The very compact shaped digital light meter NI L024 is a user-friendly instrument with integrated sensor. With this, the meter can be controlled by one hand.
The measured value is indicated in Lux or Fc (Footcandles). Because of the maximum range of 200.00 Lux or 20.000 Fc, the meter can be used in many situations.
The meter has several hold functions, such as Data Hold and Max Hold. Cosine angular is corrected automatically. The clear display indicates the measuring range, low battery etc.

Nieaf NI S102 Sound Level Meter
Nieaf NI S102 Sound Level Meter
The NI S102 is a handheld compact sound level meter with automatic ranging (LO/MED/HI). Because of the integrated sensor/probe, the instrument can be used with one hand. On demand, the sound level meter can be switched between slow or fast readingand a A or C frequency.
The LCD-display includes on-/off selectable backlight. The instrument can hold the min/max value, has a Auto Power Off and an analogue DC output.

Nieaf NI T8820 4-in-1 Environment Meter
Nieaf NI T8820 4-in-1 Environment Meter (Sound, Light, Temperature, Humidity)
The NI T8820 is a complete 4-in-1 Environment Meter for measuring light (Lux), temperature (oC>oF), humidity (RH) and sound level (dB). Despite this variety of functions the instrument is compact and truly handheld. Is can easily be controlled with one hand.

Quest Basic Sound Level Meter
Quest Basic Sound Level Meter
• Easy to Use
• Large Liquid Crystal Display
• Simple One-Button Field Calibration
• On-Screen Overload Annunciator
• Integral AC and DC Signal Outputs (Excludes SoundPatrol meter)
• CE marked for EMI & RFI Emissions and Susceptibility
• Class/Type 1 or Class/Type 2 Accuracy
• Intrinsic Safety Approvals
• Integral Tripod Mount
• Attractive Weight and Size
• Convenient 9V Alkaline Power Source


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