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Partial Discharge Locator

Portable expert system for the detection of partial discharges.
The BAUR Partial Discharge Locator PDL is used to detect partial discharge areas in medium voltage cables and joints.
• Partial discharge (PD) quality control for new cable installations
• PD quality control for new cable joints and repaired joints
• Regular inspection of accessible joints
• PD quality control of insulated cables and joints on service

Fameca PDS
Fameca PDS
It is used to detect partial discharges. It combines two types of sensors: capacitive and inductive, which makes it suitable for quality control of various insulated electrical installations. It is mainly used to test freshly installed insulated splices.

•Rapidly survey whole substation ¡Vdetects MV and HV problems before they occur
• Personnel Safety Device¡Vensure the substation is clear of PD before conducting work
• Hear the PD¡Vonly instrument available that allows the user to hear both ultrasonic and TEV PD activity
• Ergonomic and compact design¡Vfits in the user¡¦s pocket and is easy to use
• Long lasting battery¡Vallowing a whole day of testing without requiring a recharge


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